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Forum Rules

Post by Unlosing on Mon 10 Oct 2016, 6:17 pm

Please read and acknowledge the following rules on our forum:


  • Be polite and respect each other.
  • Make threads in appropriate forum sections.
  • Pick suitable thread titles that are clear and to the point.
  • Listen to the forum staff and respect their decisions.
  • Think before you post, make sure that your posts are making sense for others to understand.
  • Report any content that is violating these rules to the forum staff.
  • If no one has responded within your topic for 48 hours, you may bump the topic with a post. (They will not be taken as multi-posts)
  • Leave moderation to the forum staff. Helping people is one thing, but constant arguments about who is right and who is wrong are not needed. "Mini-Modding" or any similar behaviour will be treated as a violation of our forum rules.


  • Do not use colors on titles and posts, they are reserved for forum staff only.
  • Do not spam or make multiple posts in a row. There is an edit button you can use.
  • Do not post any inappropriate content, that includes offensive language and explicit content.
  • Do not bully or provoke others, your opinion is always welcome but there are limits to everything.
  • Do not ask for reputation within your posts or offer. Reputation is earned without direct influence.
  • Do not engage in any illegal or malicious actions.
  • Do not bump ancient and outdated threads, just make another one with your detailed explanation.
  • Do not use the forums for any profit-related commercial activity.
  • Do not make multi-accounts to avoid warnings or abuse any of these guidelines, all of your accounts will share the same warning count and will also be punished if necessary.
  • Do not remove any moderation bars that may be located within your posts. If you do so, your accounts will be given +3 warnings.

Also, remember that what happens on other forums, stays on other forums.

If you break any of these rules, you might get a warning. (Or if it's your first time, just a reminder) There is an account warning counter located at the bottom of your profile description.

This is the warning system:

  • 3 Warnings - 1 Day ban.
  • 5 Warnings - 3 Day ban.
  • 7 Warnings - 7 Day ban.
  • 9 Warnings - 30 Day ban.
  • 10 Warnings - Perma ban.

A warning looks like this:


This is a warning. -Unlosing

Need help or support with the forums? If so, private message me.


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